A Christmas cold that I will never forget


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Today’s Daily 101 post ‘challenge’ is to take a prompt and make it your own. The first prompt that I saw was;

Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you?

Well, now this is interesting for many reasons. Firstly, I had a real bad cold over Christmas. It wasn’t nice at all and in fact I had to have two rounds of medication before I started to feel better. Secondly, even though I was really unwell I actually felt mentally vibrant. I can’t describe it but something just clicked in my head. Christmas was going to be different!

I usually spend Christmas catching up with friends and family. As I did not want to spread my cold to others I stayed at home. I was reading Dave Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) and for some silly reason I decide to commit myself to the getting things done!

I’ve spent many years promising myself that this was going to the year that things were going to be different. They never were. Almost. But not quite.

What I found on reflection was that I kept all my plans, my stuff in my head; all in one mass of goodwill, some sort of effort and dwindling commitment. A sure fire recipe for failure.

GTD gave me a formula, a way to take all this good will and structure it into a meaningful strategy complete with emotional and rational attachment. Heck, I even created mind maps and implementation plans for all my projects.

And that’s the exciting thing from a lifetime of ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’ I took control and now have eight discrete strategies / projects to get me where I want to be!

I can’t remember the last time I could actually ‘see’ the surface of my office desk (at home). It’s always been one big ‘mess’, full of ‘leave it there I’ll get to it eventually’. I never did. I think that the state of the desk was a metaphor for how I was, how I thought, how I felt about myself.

The thrill and personal satisfaction of seeing my desk clear and my shelves highly organised is indescribable!

I like the feeling that I had, have and am now experiencing again as I share this. It’s like fireworks going off in my stomach. It gives me strength and energy to make things happen. Like my father once said to me, and I now say to my children ‘if you don’t make things happen for yourself, no one else will do’.

I now have other productivity tools around me to get me closer, a day at a time, to my goals. The fear of failure is there and so is doubt in myself. Remembering how good that energy of positive thinking feels powers me forward. One day at a time.

To my dream reader…


The following captures my ‘dream reader’. It’s part of the 2015 blogging 101 Daily Post assignment.

You, dear reader, are someone who has had years of life experience and can ‘see’ the stony path laid ahead. Once, many years ago, this path was bright yellow just like the technicolour yellow brick road of Wizard of Oz fame. Today, seeing this slightly dishevelled road brings with it a sense of reality, of ‘should have’s’, ‘could have’s’, ‘would have’s’ and the proverbial ‘if-only’s’… Continue reading