The following captures my ‘dream reader’. It’s part of the 2015 blogging 101 Daily Post assignment.

You, dear reader, are someone who has had years of life experience and can ‘see’ the stony path laid ahead. Once, many years ago, this path was bright yellow just like the technicolour yellow brick road of Wizard of Oz fame. Today, seeing this slightly dishevelled road brings with it a sense of reality, of ‘should have’s’, ‘could have’s’, ‘would have’s’ and the proverbial ‘if-only’s’…

You are bright, empathetic, interested in life, improving one’s self and most importantly someone who can relate to me, my life, my wants and desires.

Gone are the passions for scoring the winning goal for England at the world cup. I’m too old, well physically, mentally I’m still up there alongside Rooney! You understand what it’s like to still have the passion, desire and drive to succeed. It never went away. It just got pushed aside for the babies, changing priorities and endless nappies.

You are patient and understanding and not too shy as to watch and observe from the shadows. You have experiences, great or small, that you willingly want to share. I too am keen to reach out. To listen. To learn. To make a connection. Life is too short to try and find every answer yourself. I’ve tried it and it takes too long to distinguish between ‘heck, that was pretty useless’ and the ‘wow, that was amazing!’.

My dream reader, take the time to understand me, watch my progress over this ever so critical year and be my ally when things get bumpy! Are you interested enough to join me in my journey? If so, ‘connect’ with me and let me hear you?