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This is a fair question? The answer is kinda simple, kinda complicated. It’s in my head and that’s a scary place to be, so I’ll do my best to convey some sort of sense.

I’m a forty something father of four, married to a loving wife with a career built in management consultancy, healthcare and manufacturing. My day job involves helping people make the jobs that they do easier so that they work smarter not harder resulting in better services for patients and staff alike.

I enjoy meeting new and ‘different’ people, keeping fit, I hate dieting and have a passion for process and personal improvement. I love going to the cinema and recently sat through a triple bill of The Hobbit. Great film!

I live in Yorkshire, northern England, where I was born and bred. I love it and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

I’ve always wanted to write a blog. At first I thought blogging was a ‘fad‘ and for ‘literary luvvys‘. “It’ll pass” I remember saying to myself.

Then one day I was asked by a former boss to write a blog for the company website. After getting over the initial shock I gave it some consideration and thought “heck why not!“. That was over six years ago.

Then over time I started to realise that I liked the idea of putting words onto paper, to convey a thought, emotion or aspiration. This was a world away from report writing, project and business plans. I got a buzz from it and realised that “I could get into this..”.

I have had many opportunities over the years to write something but nothing ever seemed right. What about my move from manufacturing into healthcare or living through my wife’s cancer? Nothing seemed to click. Then something happened this Christmas period that made everything come together. I can’t explain it, call it an epiphany. I realised that after many years working to other peoples’ agendas now was the time for me to do something for my family, for me.

This blog will be my journey through 2015 to realise my long held aspirations and ambitions. I’ve decided that this is something that is worth charting and hopefully something that you would also be interested in too. I hope that you share your thoughts, support and encourage me through the coming twelve months?

In time I will share my objectives, aims and ambitions with you. I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks. Christmas 2014 will be remembered for a very different kind of holiday period. I’ve decluttered my head, I’ve mind-mapped my ambitions and I’ve created the plans. They’re on my wall. This time I’m serious.

Whether I develop an artful flair for blogging or not, I know that this year this dude will be trying his best to make his dreams a reality…