The ‘dude’ that is Abdul Ghani

Leeds 10K race 2012

Leeds 10K race 2012

Something happened to me in 2012 that changed my life. Completely. A switch turned in my head and I’ve never been the same.

I went from waiting for my first million pounds to come to me, to getting off my butt and doing things to get me my first million pounds.

Ever since, I’ve been a different person. I’ve run two 10K races, lost 2 stone in weight and over six inches off my waist! You need to know that for fifteen years I did virtually nothing that you would know as exercise.

I’m a private person and kinda like to keep things to me and those select few that need to know what I know. However, I stumbled across ‘writing’ and ‘blogging’ and found that I enjoy sharing thoughts, experiences and most of all reaching out to people i.e. you and connecting. It’s a big world out there yet somehow we all have similar desires, needs and wants. I’ve not really done this before, so I’m taking a risk here…

The need for this blog comes from a busy Christmas 2014, another very different experience than previous years. I used the holiday season to ‘de-clutter’ my head and get a grip on life and the ‘new’ and upcoming twelve months a.k.a. 2015. This blog will be about my journey through 2015 as I realise my predetermined goals.

This blog describes my journey through 2015 and the projects that will make it a year to remember!

I’d like you to stick around – because…

  • I’ll be sharing my experiences and I’d love to hear about your similar experiences
  • I would like to share what I learn over the course of the year with you – the good and the not so good. Hopefully, this is something that might help you too?
  • I’d like you to share your story with me
  • I’m just a dude trying to do his best!  I’m not perfect and I’m not saying it’s my way or the highway!
  • Maybe, your experiences could give me invaluable insight to a better and quicker way to meet my objectives?

My objectives are to;

  1. Source: Wikipedia CommonsKeep health and vitality at the top of my priorities
  2. Develop my freelance writing career – from ‘nothing’ to something
  3. Develop my career
  4. Improve my networks, social and professional
  5. Go on Hajj
  6. House improvements
  7. Make some money to enable points 4 and 5 above
  8. Not to allow fear and doubt to overcome me!

20 Random things about me

  1. My family are first in everything that I do
  2. I believe in humanity – and that the bonds that hold us together together, regardless of religion, colour or social position, outweigh our differences
  3. I still haven’t come to terms with my wife’s cancer
  4. I’m a huge LOTR fan
  5. I find change management fascinating
  6. I prefer a hotel to camping
  7. I’m a terrible cook (although I do an amazing beans on toast)
  8. I got Charles Foster Kane’s (Citizen Kane) reference to rosebud when I watched the film for the first time
  9. I’m self taught in Adobe Photoshop
  10. I have over 10 years experience in the manufacturing sector
  11. I’m currently working in the healthcare sector
  12. I really enjoyed When Harry Met Sally
  13. I’m not too proud to learn from anyone
  14. If only I had a penny for hearing…“Ah, well yes, healthcare is different to making cars because we never know who or what is going to walk through our doors!”
  15. Green is my favourite colour
  16. I really, really don’t like the word ‘hate
  17. I think in pictures
  18. No one teaches you how to be a good parent – I’m still learning
  19. Sharing my personal thoughts doesn’t come naturally to me
  20. I believe that you should judge people on their actions, not by their faith or by associating the action of others onto them!

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